From the series of works ‘The Banks of a River’ Copyright © Felicity Bristow 2016

This year as part of my MA in Contemporary Art Practice at ECA I have focused on exploring the complexities of the ‘analogue book’ as a multi-media cultural form. This interrogation of the book form on a large scale concentrates on the themes of ‘transformation’ and ‘abstraction’. It is realised through a deconstruction and scaling of the book’s constituent materials; ink, paper, cloth and thread and utilises my unique methods of ‘unmeasured’ chromatography and practice-based analysis.

I have been developing a body of real-time site-specific ‘Draw-ing(s)’[1] titled ‘The Banks of a River.’ Each piece of work is unique and representative of the immediate environment it is made in exploring the ‘alternative truth’ of a confidential Riverside site.

[1] From the secondary meaning of the word Draw:

To bring, take, or pull out, as from a receptacle or source: to draw water from a well.

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You can find my work in the ECA Masters Degree Show (J.02) and the rest of the years work in the North East Studios in Rooms I.05, J.02 and K.05. Entry to the Degree Show is free.

The Degree Show is open to the public from:

Saturday 13th August to Sunday 21st August. Opening times: 11am to 5pm.

Late night opening: 11 am – 8pm on Wednesday 17th & Thursday 18th August

If you would like to keep up with the ECA Masters Degree Show on social media please use the hashtag #ecaMA2016 or #ECADegreeShow.