I have a sore back today, grey speckled face and wrists and a niggling worry about hanging my work in the #lockerroom off the #blue corridor in the #secretcourtyard  – but hum ho, another day. The positives: I now have grey walls (please don’t need another coat today), general lighting rigged and many coat hangers, ink arrived, paper…all to be revealed later!


  • Find suitable hanging/ fixing system. Magnets? To look like mirror fixings? Then paper can be removed and will not be damaged.
  • To plinth or not to plinth and to conceal my wells or not – working in the space changes how I think the work should be shown and the proportions of the large sheets of paper need to be carefully looked it.
  • Buy salt.
  • Find containers to carry saline solution to site.
  • Boxes for interactive work station
  • Set up grid of nails/ clips for hanging and punch paper (maybe literally)

The site is really coming to life, stages being built, a wonderful old caravan set up which will also be a stage – I wonder what the neighbours think?!