Artist Statement |

My site-specific work is an exploration of line, narrative, material and the pervading spirit of place or ‘genius loci’. I am fascinated with words, with making, researching and exploring the physical structure of books with people and buildings. Immersing myself in site related research and responding to a location is how I generate and develop my work relating to specific locations and communities.

In recent work I have been exploring the complexities of the ‘analogue book’ in abstract in site-specific locations in Scotland. I have been developing the themes of ‘transformation’ and ‘abstraction’ of the book on a large scale with a restricted palette of materials; ink and saline, paper, cloth and linen thread or rope.

During my Masters Degree completed in August this year I continued to develop through the process of unmeasured chromatography a body of work titled ‘Draw-ing(s)’* exploring the physical and virtual meaning of ‘What is a book, why book?’ as a multi media cultural form. *From the secondary meaning of the word Draw: 2. To bring, take, or pull out, as from a receptacle or source: to draw water from a well.

I have exhibited locally in the Scottish Borders, Edinburgh, Stirling, Wick and London and was artist in residence at Tweeddale Youth Action (TYA) in Peebles as part of the Creative Peebles 2014, ‘Working Perspectives’ Project. In 2015 I had my proposal accepted by Art Walk Porty for a public art work encoding a piece of poetry I wrote about ‘Puertobello’ on the Prom and remaking the work each day as the sea washed it away at high tide.

I have run book-art related workshops for Imaginate Theatre, Eastgate Theatre, Galashiels Academy High School and recently a design workshop with sponsors Mainetti at the Creative Coathanger Festival.

This year I was invited to be one of three lead artists in a Creative Lab, ‘Reflections’ exploring Glass, Architecture and Art at The Haining in Selkirk as part of the Year of Innovation and Design 2016 and was also commissioned to make work for the final exhibition. In August I was artist in residence on the train for a project called Journey Lines, funded by Scotrail, exploring the experience of travelling and making ‘live’ art on the new Scottish Borders Railway and on location in Portobello, also linking work with three other commissioned artists in a joint exhibition as part of Art Walk Porty.

I have recently received a VACMA award and a bursary from The Hope Scott Trust for professional development and will now progress my research work at The Boiler House, a brutalist structure designed by Peter Womersley Architect, which was part of the Dingleton Assylum building complex in Melrose.