Artist Statement |

Felicity’s site-specific work is an exploration of line, narrative, material and the pervading spirit of place or ‘genius loci’. Felicity is fascinated with pigment and #movingcolours, with making, researching and exploring the physical structure of books and buildings site specifically, using the image to convey a narrative.

In her work Felicity explores the complexities of the ‘analogue book’ in abstract and developing the themes of ‘transformation’ and ‘abstraction’ of the book as an object and container with a restricted palette of materials: naturally and manufactured distilled pigments, salt, paper and linen thread or rope.

Also, over the last few years Felicity has been developing her unique methods of paper chromatography to form abstract narrative using real-time scientific methods revealing ephemeral and ‘alternative truths’ about site using manufactured and natural dyes, often working at large scale and producing pieces, ‘…with layers of vivid colour that seem to have been drawn up into the paper by some kind of osmosis.’ – Duncan Macmillan, The Scotsman (2016).

Felicity is available for commissions and creative residencies.